Value Points

1. AGP HOMES is a registered Partnership firm founded in few years back.
2. Soil Report by Nagadi consultants.
3. Structural Designs by Structural Designer Mr. Kanagavel., M .E. Structures.
4. Architectural Elevation.
5. Professional Staff (Skilled/Unskilled ) i.e. Site Engineers are of Diploma Holders with Fifteen years Site Experience.
6. Better Basement height to take care of repeated road laying in the future.
7. Pile foundation is adopted, as suggested by soil experts for Madipakkam Ram Nagar South Layout, Chennai - 091.
8. Plinth Beam is of 1 feet depth all round, apart from tie beams inter connected with pile heads.
9. In general Plinth beams and Columns are of 16 mm TMT Bars.
10. All Concrete are of M20 Grade (i.e.) 1:11/2:3.
11. Water used for construction is good quality and bought for price Rs.1000/ Load.
12. Main door is Teak frame with American Moulded skin shutters.
13. Putty Finish and painted with Asian Emulsion Paint.
14. Safety grills in front of main door, Kitchen Service area.
15. Parapet wall is 3 Feet after Laying Cool Roof Tiles.
16. Watchman Shed with toilet.
17. One bore well for each block.
18. One sump ( R.C.C ) 12,000 litre for each block.
19. Septic tank is also of R.C.C with properly designed Soak pits recommended by Sanitary Engineers.
20. Floor tiles is of Vitrified tiles up to 48/Sq Ft.
21. Bathroom tiles. Choice is given to customer.
22. All bath fittings are of "Parry ware" Brand.
23. All water line are of UPVC "Prince Brand.
24. Electrical switches are of modular type "Elley" Brand and Concealed wiring with ISI brand. Main Board is of Panel board type Individual main´s Provided in hall Consists of breakers, change over and ELCB.
25. All curing is done by the purchased water only. Bore well connection is done only after the building is completed underground water is not at all used for construction purpose. Bore well water is used only for flushing in toilets and sink.
26. Kitchen with granite table top and stainless steel sink. Exhaust fan provision.
27. During construction changes in plan, additional electrical points, lofts, etc customized finishes within the flat are entertained .
28. Concrete pavers all-round the building.
29. Considering future maintenance, under ground PVC pipes are Layed so that
30. Any old customer reference can be given at random to selection of your choice.
31. All materials used in "Agp homes" projects are of ISI brand in general. And are also billed which means they are all accounted.
32. Safety of workers, staff and insurance for them are taken Care by the Firm .
33. Video door phone for all flats. ( Complimentary )
34. External walls are of Texture finish and painted with Apex weather proof coat which easily last for 5 years.
35. Friendly approach with the promoter can be felt during construction, after handing over and future too.
36. Septic tank is of RCC with double mat reinforcement, grouting is performed so as to make the tank impervious.
37. Lots of care been taken in the toilet floors, in order avoid leakages in the future.
38. More than 100 satisfied customers.